Hoops for Heart

Hoops for Heart - The Wildcat Way
Posted on 11/29/2017
Hoops for Heart logo‚Äč1.  FILL THE JARS - There are 10 donation jars in the cafeteria with teacher names on them.  The teacher with the most donations will get a pie in the face on our incentive day, December 20th.

2. BUY A RAFFLE TICKET - Buy raffle tickets for $1.00 each for a chance to be the one throwing the pie!

3. DONATE ONLINE - Search "AHA MIDDLE SCHOOL" in the app store or go to to join our school's fundraising team.

December 20th is the Incentive Day!  There will be a Hoops for Heart Student Faculty Game and pie throwing!  

Students that practice The Wildcat Way will be able to attend the game!  Remember . . . that means No absences, No tardies, No violations and No referrals.   You can do it!