WMS Tardy Policy

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Tardy Policy   2018 - 2019

All students are expected to be in class on time, each period.  When th‚Äčey are tardy to class they may miss instructions, disrupt the teacher or class.   Students should enter the classroom quietly and fill out a tardy violation form.  The white copy of the violation will be sent to the attendance secretary in the office.

Tardy violations and consequences will begin the second week of school and start over each six weeks.  Consequences will be assigned as follows:


1st – Warning and parent contact

2nd – 30-minute detention, parent contact   (3:40 – 4:10)

3rd – 45-minute detention, team conference, parent contact   (3:40 – 4:25)

4 or more – Office Referral

**Students who are later than 10 minutes to class will be considered absent for that class period – a partial-day absence.