Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

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Wildcat Families,

            This year, we will be changing our morning and afternoon car line procedures.  Our hope is to make the drop off and pick up safe and timely for our students and parents. 

The front circle drive is not a parent drop off or pick up.  This is reserved for busses and designated situations only.  Students will not be allowed to wait at the front of the building or near the marquee.  Both sides of our school will be drop off and pick up areas.  Please be sure your child knows which side of the building you will be picking them up.

Morning Drop Off & Afternoon Pick Up


             The side near the tennis courts will stay the same as the last several years.  The middle lane will be used for cars to pull forward once they have dropped off/picked up their child. Please do not stop in the middle lane and wait for your student.  This will delay the process.

The gym side will be used for drop off and pick up.  This area was the bus area but will no longer be used for that.  Please pull into farthest entrance and make your way around.  Do not pull into the parking lot to drop off or pick up your student.

No parents will be allowed to park on the street to drop off or pick up students.  All students who are car riders must be picked up on either side of the school.  Students waiti

ng for their ride will be in designated places and will not be allowed to wait under the marquee or at the front of the school.

We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we transition to this new process.  We are so happy for your family to be part of Wilkinson Middle School.


So a couple of things to recap:

  • Both sides of the school are available for drop off and pick up.
  • No parking/waiting on the street.
  • Front circle drive is reserved for busses & designated situations.
  • Car riders will be waiting in designated areas