WMS Discipline Plan 2018 - 2019

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2018- 2019

Teachers and Teams will employ strategies to manage behaviors before an office referral is written, unless the violation is a Level 3 (Critical).  Discipline Management Tools will be used when appropriate and as often as necessary.

If a behavior violation is written, a copy is sent home with the student and filed in the team binder. The following are teacher and campus consequences for behavior violations:

 Team Teachers:

  1. Parent contact with student in Team Conference
  2. Parent contact and 30-minute detention with team or assigning teacher
  3. Parent contact and 1 day ITS
  4. Parent contact and 1 day ITS, PST considered
  5. Office Referral

 Elective Teachers:

  1. Parent contact and student/parent conference
  2. Parent contact and 30-minute detention; team notification
  3. Parent contact and 45-minute detention; team notification; PST considered
  4. Office Referral, and team notification

  •  Students tardy to class more than10 minutes will be marked as absent.(First period absence begins after 8:45 am.)
  • If a student does not show for a scheduled detention, they will move up to the next level of discipline consequence.(Allow the student to reschedule a missed detention one time.)
  • Detention or Violation forms must be filled out and given to the student as a pass to enter the building before or after school.
  • Students and parents should be given at least a one-day notice of any detention so that transportation arrangements can be made.
  • PARENTS please contact the teacher prior to the detention if the student is not able to attend.
  • Students with an office referral will not be allowed to attend the WMS - High School Football night.
  •  Students with 3 or more Office Referrals or 5 Classroom Removal days (ISS) PER SEMESTER will not be allowed to attend the semester celebrations/activities held in December and May.