7th Grade Teams

7th Grade Academic Teams

Tarleton team in library with Ms. Jones and Lopes and Mr. Galloway, McSweeney, and Davis Tarleton Texans
Galloway - English
Asia Jones - Math
Patrick McSweeney - Social Studies
Amy Lopes - Scie
Tyler Davis - Reading

UNT Eagl
UNT team in library pictured are Ms. Ashley, Taylor, Norris and Mr. Dillard, and Wellses    
Brittany Taylor - English 
Amanda Ashley - Math
Patrick Dillard - Social Studies
Anthony Wells - Science
Christy Norris - Reading

teachers in library Ms. Rhoads, Bowman, Jones, Gray and Mr. Holt Texas A&M Aggies
Amanda Rhoads - English
Belinda Bowman - Math
Joshua Holt - Social Studies
Carolina Jones - Science
Nicolette Gray - Reading
Abreanna Oliver - Reading