Academic Teams (1)

What is Teaming?
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TEAMING IS a tool for meeting the needs of a common group of students.

TEAMING OFFERS an opportunity for teachers to collaborate in order to provide better instruction for their students.

TEAMING PROVIDES a channel for sparking the creativity of teachers and also provides time for brainstorming ideas.

TEAMING REQUIRES a common planning time for a small group of core teachers who share the same students.

TEAMING IMPROVES classroom management and student behavior.

TEAMING BENEFITS the instructional program by providing time for teachers to coordinate daily lessons.  However, departments are needed to ensure the vertical and horizontal alignment of the curriculum.

TEAMING GENERATES quality human relations, responsibility, and citizenship among middle school students.

TEAMING PERMITS the correlation of thematic units in which the students make connections between instruction and real life situations.

TEAMING ENCOURAGES the parent to be involved in their child's education.  It opens an avenue for a meaningful parent/teacher relationship.

TEAMING MOTIVATES the students to gain self-discipline and to be responsible for their academic success through a system of rewards and consequences.